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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

About Dale Carnegie

Who is Dale Carnegie?

An American thought leader, Dale Carnegie pioneered what is called emotional intelligence today. Dale Carnegie was the author of the How to Win Friends and Influence People (1936), and How to Stop Worrying and Start Living (1948) which remain popular today.

The Dale Carnegie Course in Effective Communication and Human Relations is a learn-by-doing based program for individuals based on Dale Carnegie’s teachings. The Dale Carnegie course was started in 1912 and is now taught in more than 90 countries with more than 9 million graduated.

Since its founding Dale Carnegie Training has expanded into sales training, leadership training, presentations training, employee engagement training and most recently customized corporate solutions.

These courses comprised of proprietary processes that use team dynamics and intra-group activities to strengthen interpersonal relations, manage stress and handle today’s fast-changing conditions.

Why is Dale Carnegie relevant to teens?

Soft skills such as interpersonal skills, communications skills, leadership skills, self-confidence and having a good attitude are critical skills that your teenager will need to master for their personal and professional lives. These soft skills may not seem like an area that can determine the success of your teenager, but think about it, how many successful people lack these essential skills? Teaching your teenager how to get a message across and winning cooperation of another person is important.

Who is Dale Carnegie of Orange County?

For the past 10 years Dale Carnegie of Orange County has worked with High Schools, Non-profits, and teenagers to adapt professional development programs for some of the most successful people in the world for teenagers. Approximately 90% of program participants come through “word-of-mouth” referrals from other parents and teens.

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About Teen Programs

What are the age ranges for all classes?

The high school classes are for 9th – 12th graders (typically 14 – 18 years old).  The middle school course is for 6th – 8th grade (typically 11 – 13 years old).

Do we have to live in Orange County?

We accept teenagers from anywhere in the world.

What if my teenager does not want to go?

It is not unusual for a teenager to resist going to school during the summer. By the 2nd to 3rd day, they are usually happy they came.

Who is the Instructor?

Dale Carnegie Instructors are real world professionals who facilitate programs with all levels of business professionals. They bring this same experience into the teen programs to give the skills they will need to succeed in the future. To view bios of the local trainers please:
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Is lunch provided?

Lunch is the responsibility of each participant. We do have a refrigerator and microwave onsite for those that would like to bring lunch. For those who would like to buy a hot lunch, participants are chaperoned across the street to Del Taco or Carl’s Jr. to purchase lunch and then walked back to the facility.

Is there tuition assistance/discounts?

A 10% discount is offered for groups of three or more. This can apply to one participant enrolling in three courses or three children from the same family enrolling in courses. Tuition assistance is given on as needed basis and should be requested prior to registration.

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